When it comes to travel, one size definitely doesn’t fit all — some live for summery beach breakaways while others thrive on the wintery slopes. But did you know your favourite destination might boil down to more than a passing preference?

In a study by the University of Virginia in the United States, psychologists asked respondents about their geographical preferences. They found introverts preferred spending time in the mountains, while extroverts loved time near the ocean. So what do the destinations on your bucket list say about you?

Powdery slopes & cosy fireplaces

Does your idea of a memorable holiday include an active trip to one of France’s best skiing resorts at an altitude of 2 300 metres? Do you find solace within the peaks of majestic panoramic mountains? Then you’re a:


You adapt easily and have a fearless and competitive streak. This means you also excel in the workplace and lead by example, thriving off being in charge – it’s why some serious away time is so important for you.

Independent introvert

You’re meticulous, logical and analyse the world around you, which makes you wise beyond your years. While you enjoy the company of others, you decompress best when you can sneak in a bit of “me time” and get lost in a good book.

Heart, soul, culture & calm

Are you excited by vivid experiences filled with colour and new cultures? Do you de-stress by learning new things, reinventing yourself in new places, and designating time to reflect? Then you might be one of the following travellers:

Go-with-the-flow guy/gal

You’re quick on your feet and not much rattles you. You’re innovative and a bit of dreamer, keen to try new things, always keeping an open mind. People love being in your company, thanks to your charismatic, easy-breezy personality.

Life of the party

You’re fun, energetic and a bit of social butterfly. While planning might not be your forte, you always ensure others are having a great time. You have a curious streak, enjoy the finer things in life, and keep to date with the trends without taking yourself too seriously.

Sun, sand, space & family

Do computer screensavers of white sandy beaches and palm trees, or the promise of a care-free family atmosphere make you breathe a sigh of relief? Are you all about making memories with your little ones, while still having the option to put your feet up and simply “do nothing” with a cocktail in hand? Then you might just be a:


Let’s face it. If you got away on holiday this year, it’s probably because you’ve put in long hours working to make it perfect. You’re a planner, caretaker, and love doing things for others — thankless as it may sometimes be. But even you could use some off time! Reboot that selfless nature of yours by switching off completely during your ‘vacay’ time and indulging whenever you get the chance.

Tasteful traveller

You’re a perfectionist, logical and analytical. You like to know what’s going on around you — and you always know what the weather will be like tomorrow. You unwind by keeping it low key, but obviously in style. Good food, fine wine, and an afternoon at the resort spa are your go-to splurges on holiday.

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Blog article courtesy of Sure Travel.